Assignment 7

So I am asked to create a screen cast. A tutorial for others. What do I know about that I can teach others? I have learnt so much from watching tutorials and screen casts, but not sure if I can add to others knowledge.

So what have I learnt to do this week, online? I have learnt to create a route for running on Endomondo. Could this be educationally useful? Well health educators might need to create an exercise plan for students, and being able to set them goals to be used with ios devices could be handy. Students might be setting their own fitness goals, or creating assignments around their local attractions and activities. So I am happy now that i have chosen this tutorial.

I certainly hope that the link works!!!


Well after two more hours playing around, oh I mean working hard at this last assignment, I can confidently say that embedding is not so easy. I can do it in edmodo, but so far not in wordpress. Even though I can say I have submitted my last assignment, I don’t think the journey has finished, but then again that’s the idea!!!!!



3 thoughts on “Assignment 7

  1. Thanks for your final post- the embedding problem is WordPress related, so what you might need to do is upload it to YouTube and then embed that video instead.
    In other news, congratulations on completing the course! As you say, the learning seems to be just beginning. It’s been a pleasure having you in the 2013 VicPLN.

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