Assignment 5

Ok, so I chose healthy lifestyle for children as my topic, as that is what I am working with at the moment. On both Google and Google chrome, I could change the area to Australia and the reading level to easy, but I still had ads at the beginning, which sometimes can lead you to unsuitable sites. In chrome I could save bookmarks to use on other devices, which is a feature that I love. I often am working on up to 6 different devices throughout a day. The search gave me mostly organisations and government departments, which would be suitable for recent information on the topic. Using Bing, I pretty much got the same results, and changing to Australian websites, was an easier process, but I could not change the reading level. There were also no ads. I tried Instagrok, after finding it during the last assignment and thought it would be great. I do love the reading level adjustment tool, as you do not need to leave the front page to change it. There did not seem to be any other settings I could change however, and ended up with predominately American sites, which for my topic, did not always give the current information relevant to our children. The format of pictures and words on a mind map, was a very effective tool, however, I could see many children (and adults) going off on amazing tangents, as some other PLN participants have reported. I loved the notes section, and the ability to delete any irrelevant articles. I did find myself watching videos, which i would not normally do on a Google search.

So overall, for pure information and data, i would stick to google chrome, but for interesting facts and different formats of information relevant to children I liked Instagrok.

For children I quite liked Instagrok, however, a unit of work on how to utilise the engine would be needed.


OK now the CRAP test!!!

I found a website called, so presuming it was American, i thought it would be fairly dodgy and full of advertising etc. I was actually surprised to find a very interesting Australian site about raisng awareness and funds for GI Cancer. It seemed very professionally setup, with no errors etc, it had a copyright listed as 2012, it had links to the GI Cancer institute, which worked, and had lots of contact details, including phone numbers not just emails. The site is primarily a fundraising site, which raises money for Gi Cancer, and challenges children etc to eat more fruit and veg, in the prevention of cancer. You can also sponsor children who are participating etc. I really liked this idea, and would love to incorporate it into a classroom. The challenge runs from March to November, so it is not just a brief challenge, that does not impact n children’s lives over an extended amount of time.

So off to find a CRAP site!!!!

Ok, found one!!! called planetpals, and the first thing that jumps out is an ad for magnum icecreams!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would usually discard the site immediately, but I will delve further for this exercise. Oh it just got better, a cat food ad. But actually, apart from being american and their food pyramid looking very different from the Australian one, they had a lot of downloadable posters etc that would be useful in the classroom, including hygiene as well as nutrition. Their copyright info said 2008, and the contact info just went straight to email. To triangulate their info, it did have  a web address to american agriculture department websites, but not actual links.  And then an ad for a product to de-stress my cat popped up!!! So overall, some pretty pictures, but……

so I think i might remember to delete the American sites next time.


Do I dare go to Pintrest??

Well, that was a way to avoid the housework, I could follow links etc for hours on there!! might leave that until I have finidhes all assignments and painted the extension.


One thought on “Assignment 5

  1. Be careful with Pinterest- we have plenty of reports of people being lost in there for days! Thanks for you analysis of the two sites, and also of the different search engines. It’s clear that Google is popular for a reason, as their search results are generally quite good and customisable. But I think combining with at least one other search engine is always a good idea, particularly when you are doing a detailed research task.
    Great job- not long to go now.

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