Going around in circles!!!!

Finally a change to do assignment 4!!!!

i decided to try readlist as I often see an article and think ‘that sounds interesting, ill read that later’. The website was easy to join, with normal boring legal stuff to read in the terms. It did emphasise free, and easy to cancel, and also stressed that it did not share personal details with third parties. Adding the readability logo to safari on the iPad was not possible, and even the help sheet was far to complicated. To read the instructions for loading it on to the iPad, I had to send it it either Evernote or Dropbox, which neither let me read it. Dropbox said to read it in either edmodo or Evernote, edmodo said to open it I either Evernote or dropbox, Evernote said to read it in either Dropbox or edmodo…………. Going around in circles!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I think that just copying a URL and pasting it in the read list website without logging in and emailing it ti I books was the easiest. I would be happy for someone to make it simpler for me.

When just reading articles in safari, bookmarking the URL in safari was very simple, just not able to share as easily.

The log in for read list only required an email, no other details.

as far as using it in the classroom I would need to get more proficient, but can see a use.

I also had a look at instagrok which seemed like a great search engine for students. It came up with age appropriate information which I could definitely see me using within a classroom.

I am going to try and attach some information, so will post this then try to edit!!!! Wish me luck.

Day three at this, and no luck yet……

I have added word press as an app on my iPad, and it is actually easier!!!! Well, so far.

Not having a lap top with me all the time, or a PC, I have been relying in my work iPad to do almost everything. Being a transient worker within my school environment this has been the easiest way to work. Otherwise I would need a trolly to lug everything from one end of the school to another.

I will see how I go now.


Aha, I might have just added a picture, random one but a picture no less, will see once I hit update.

Now if only read lists was this easy. Off to assignment 5.


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