Assignment 3

OK, no work technology at home for 2 weeks, so feeling rather rusty. Tonight however, I am bringing out the oil can.
I have joined twitter for the second time, as it was so long ago that i joined, that i can not even remember what my email was at the time. So @PartridgeSally is the Twitter Handle I have been been given.
I have been listening to the staff room chat about the PLN, and have been personally reflecting on how all these new connection I am going to make will affect my life as well as my learning. I feel so time poor most of the time, and wonder how all the extra blogs, tweets and other articles are going to impact on the little free time I have. Will it hone my reading, or just overwhelm me?
I already have a paper file and two email files of ‘stuff to read later’.

I was also wondering who else is feeling this way, perhaps that is the start of my PLN network.

So now to the actual questions.

I have not used twitter but do know professionals that find it really handy to follow updates in their profession.

I have used Facebook personally for years. Living away from a lot of my family, I find it invaluable in keeping up  to date with my family and friends globally. I have also used it for business, and found it a valuable tool for informing clients of updates and specials etc.

I am a member of Facebook groups, that keep me informed of information without being part of my ongoing status page. I shop for children’s clothes through my friends Facebook shop, and follow many pages on a variety of topics.

I think that for me, Facebook is probably more useful, but now that I am on twitter, we will see.

Facebook is blocked at our school, and I first thought this was a good idea, but my thoughts are changing. Perhaps with structure it could be useful. With our year 3-12 students now having access to our network through BYO devices, monitoring students posts etc during break times may be just too frought with complications. However saying that, the students are all finding other sites etc that allow them to communicate to each other during class. Perhaps education is the way.

I can now see myself creating  a second Facebook log in, just for school. Just not accessable at school.???


One thought on “Assignment 3

  1. Terrific to see that you’ve used facebook creatively for business and personal use, and I’m sure there’s a purposeful way for the classroom too.
    WE may feel overwhelmed with the amount of info available to us, but the trick is to be selective of who you choose to follow.
    Best wishes
    PLN team

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