Assignment 2

Current techniques?

Well lots of hand written notes, flyers shoved in the back of my diary, folders of ideas etc etc

I can already see that tools like evernote are going to be very useful for me, especially as I do not have my own classroom. I am currently working as an integration aide and move across the school, covering grades 2, 7 and 10. 

Teaching workflow to students?

Very important! Having school aged children my self, i can see that the endless information that is available will become overwhelming when researching projects etc. Being able to consolidate and organize information will enable then to become more efficient. Working with special needs children, one of the struggles that they have is organizing their books, teacher handouts and other school information. 

Change brought about by digital technologies?

Even the fact that I access recipes on line, and have kept most of my cookbooks in packing boxes shows that a change has occurred. Photos not in physical albums, but stored on hard drives and iclouds. The list is endless. 


Blogging is something new to me, although I have read peoples blogs in the past. I am already seeing a multitude of posts appear on my reader that I just have not got time to read. So working through the process of culling and clearing will be one skill I will hope to work on over the next few weeks.

Over all I am excited to be learning about this technology, so that when I/if I return to being a classroom teacher I can utilize these tools in the classroom to the best of my ability.


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